Welcome to BlackRock RT

A Corporate Leasing & Consulting firm specializing in building housing opportunities for the community & residual revenue for our partners. 


Our Services:


WSR is our mutli-service housing & auto rental program operating in Las Vegas & Los Angeles since 2015. 



WSR Housing Services


Co-Living Properties

We have created a fun and dynamic opportunity for those seeking transitional housing. We acquire 2+ bedroom units, furnish and decorate and then market each bedroom separately for monthly rent.

Designating the rest of the property as a ‘Co-Living Space’, travelers from all over the world have an amazing opportunity to connect. 


WeShare Leasing 

Our easy approval option for those seeking long term tenancy but finding difficulty with traditional qualifying methods. We work with applicants to approve them in-house, then find and tour available rental properties. Upon approval, we will acquire the home through Corporate Leasing and add the applicant as a legal occupant to the lease. 

WeShare RoomMates

Renters with an extra bedroom can list their property for free on our website and we will work with them to find the perfect match! People call us every day looking for a place!


WSR Consulting Services

Professional Airbnb Co-Host 

Full service Airbnb listing and reservation management. We are Airbnb Super Hosts and share our strategies for success with our clients by managing their short term and extended stay rental listings. We custom build business plans for each client and can help them from the earliest concept stages. We specialize in creating gorgeous listings, marketing them across the top booking sites and providing stellar customer service to all guests.

Home-Share Business Consultancy

Having an expert by your side can truly make the difference. We offer support and guidance for all levels of people in starting or managing your home sharing business. We can help establish business entities, acquire local permitting and develop business plans for your short term or extended stay rental business. 


WSR Auxiliary Services

WeShare Autos

Gorgeous cars for rent at affordable rates! Our fleet of 2018 & newer vehicles are available to book daily, weekly and monthly through the TOURO APP. 

WeShare Travel 

Welcome to Hotel Arbitrage! We have discovered an amazing opportunity to maximize our short term rental revenue by leveraging timeshare ownership. By becoming owners of a resort, we are able to sell reservations there and at their partner locations on short term travel sites like Airbnb and Booking.com 







In my time working with Blackrock, I’ve found them to be totally reliable. We are small-scale property management company in Las Vegas and have never worked with a Corporate Leasing agency before. We had a few worries, but Blackrock has put all of our uncertainty to rest. They have grown to 3 units with us! These guys are good.